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We are dedicated to providing the best garage door repair Livermore services for a fair price. Our customers know we will get the job done quickly and efficiently and that has been the company's focus from day one. We understand that when it comes to your garage door, you need someone on your side with expertise and customer service within your budget. That's why we always make sure our customers leave with an affordable solution that fits their needs perfectly. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment with one of our highly skilled technicians! 

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garage door repair Livermore

Garage Door Opener Replacement

If your home has a garage door opener and you're in need of service because the door won't open or close, it's time to consider a replacement. Garage Door Replacement is an ideal time to upgrade with an opener that offers more than just the basics--it'll get you where you want to go with minimal effort. Aging, hectic life schedules, and the need for more efficient operation are just a few of the reasons why garage door opener replacement is a wise decision. If your existing garage door opener or motor is outdated or malfunctioning, it might be time to replace it with a newer model that offers convenience and safety. Garage doors take up a lot of room--usually the largest opening in your house. No one wants to repeatedly open or close their garage door manually as they near the car to head out for work or return home from an errand. A newer garage door opener with an automated system eliminates the strain of frequent operation. Garage door opener replacement is a practical​ choice that saves space, saves time, and gets the job done efficiently. In addition, you'll gain better safety features--if your garage door opener is beyond repair, you may also want to consider replacing it with a newer model that includes safety sensors. Replacing a broken garage door opener is important for safety. Without a working opener, you need to manually open the door and that takes time--time that can be cut down significantly with an updated garage door opener system. Call Tyler Garage Door Repair Livermore, CA.

garage door repair Livermore

Garage Door Opener Installation

If you are looking for a Garage Door Repair Livermore, CA that can install any garage door, look no further. We have worked on all types of doors, from metal to wood. We have experience with a variety of opening configurations and styles and we can provide assistance with the design process and information about different materials so that you will find the perfect match for your home. We have been installing garage doors in Livermore, CA since 2002. Our team is comprised of installers with years experience between them. All of our installers are experienced professional contractors that are focused on completing each job as perfectly as possible, and we take great pride in the quality of our work. We have the right tools, capabilities, and experience to handle any installation project with the highest quality workmanship. Don’t hesitate to call us today; our services are available for any residential or commercial door system.

Our team provides garage door installation services for all types of garage doors including steel, aluminum, composite and wood doors. We also install carriage style garage doors and provide custom size sliding glass panel units. We also offer broken spring replacement services as well as tune-ups to keep your opener running at peak efficiency.  We will help you to make an informed decision about the type of system that is best for your home.

Garage Door Roller Replacement

You may have seen a roller replace on the home improvement show. They always look like shiny, sharp silver rollers and they are the last piece of hardware you need to upgrade your garage door.

A replacement doo-hickey is usually installed in seconds. All you got to do is pull away the old one and put it in its place with a click of your hands on a set of Allen-head screws. It is not a rocket science and it can be done at home by a DIY hobby-man but may also require help of an expert. In any case, it is a fairly simple process.

Rollers are usually installed on the section of the door that slides up and down on the garage door rails. The moving track must include a pair of rollers to keep the door rolling smoothly not to mention lifting the door up and down gracefully. A broken roller makes your life miserable when it comes to using your garage door for business purpose or leisure activity like going for a ride in a car or playing with children in the garden.

Garage Door Installation

If you want to install a garage door, the best way is to hire a professional garage door installation service. They will be able to replace your current door with a new more durable one that can protect you and your property from any hazard.

In addition, they will install it properly in such away that it cannot be easily removed. That being said, there are plenty of benefits associated with installing a new garage door with the help of professionals including protection and safety while closing or opening the door as well as saving your pocket money by reducing down time additionally protecting against theft, weather damage and other hazards.

But before you decide to contact a professional garage door repair Livermore, CA, you should know what the benefits are and why you should consider hiring them. This article will give you some information in regards to it.

Garage Door Photo Eye

What is garage door photo eye?
A garage door photo eye (eye for short) is a sensor that detects movement across the width of your opening. This type of sensor can be installed on both residential and commercial garages. The sensor may also be mounted to the side of your garage. When activated, a light beam will turn from infrared to visible mode and sweep back and forth across the width of the opening every 30 seconds. This beam will also detect objects within its range, and a speaker will announce the detection in the local language. The sensor can also detect objects moving towards the beam from either end of the garage door. For example, if an intruder is attempting to break down your door while you are away at work and your garage door is left open, your eye will detect their presence and activate an alarm or warning signal that is loud enough to deter them. 

What are the benefits of installing a garage door photo eye? 

A garage door photo eye can protect you, your family, and your belongings from theft or damage by burglars. It helps deter potential burglars by turning your garage into a highly visible target during the day and can stop them from opening your garage door. It also helps protect you and your family from falling or being injured when going to close the door or when climbing over it. The garage door photo eye can also help you prevent damage to your doors, which could lead to expensive repairs. The eye can prevent this by sending advance warning signals and making loud noises when it detects an open door. Most garage-door photo eyes will warn you with a loud flashing of the lights or alarm.

The eye can also minimize the chance of damage when your garage door is accidentally left open during winter, and it can give you advance warning if a storm is approaching, depending on the brand of sensor. By activating an alarm or light signal when your door opens up to the weather, it will send advance notice that icy conditions are imminent and allow you enough time to close it before serious damage occurs.

In addition to preventing theft or damage, a garage door photo eye can provide extra safety for you and your family. If you have a pool or a room containing gas appliances, the eye can alert you to an intruder's presence and prevent accidental injury.

Why should a garage door photo eye be installed on my garage?

Installing a garage door photo eye can not only help protect what is inside your garage, but also the people coming and going from the structure. The sensor can prevent injury and damage by automatically raising the garage door when someone is obstructed beneath it. If your family has members who are elderly or have mobility issues, such a feature can be extremely beneficial. This kind of protection is generally only available in higher-priced units but may be worth the investment for your family's safety.

In addition to automatically raising the door, a garage door photo eye with a closing feature will automatically close it when no one is detected in front of it.

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